Inservice / Staff Development

Paul-André offers a wide array of staff development services designed to meet the individual needs of your learning community.  Sample topics include:  

  • ADHD and mindfulness training
  • Mindfulness in the special education classroom
  • Five essential art therapy techniques to assist in learner self-regulation
  • PTSD, the autonomic nervous system, and learning; Realities and interventions  
  • Adolescent suicide prevention, intervention, and recovery  

At the foundation of Paul-André's work is the understanding that our brains have the ability to form new neural connections throughout our lifetime.  This concept is known as neuroplasticity and explains the brain's ability to compensate for injury or disease and to adjust in response to new situations and environments.  

Paul-André provides exciting training opportunities that provide special educators evidenced-based techniques to continually connect and attune to their learners thereby creating a more grounded sense of the interplay between mind, body, spirit, and learning.

Contact him to discuss your specific needs.

Specialized Independent Transition Plan (SITP)

  • Four year specialized plans designed to meet the transitional/vocational needs of high school age students who experience learning differences. Programs are aligned with state specific standards and a student's IEP goals/objectives.  Our programs access a variety of therapies in an effort to develop the individual learner in their path toward the most satisfying career possible.  These therapies range from Somatic and Art to Equine and Wilderness and are rooted in the foundations of career development, employment training, and transition planning.
  • IEP Review & Recommendations 
    • Paul-André's experience allows for quick review of student documents that can produce a report designed to either affirm a high-quality data driven program or to identify gaps that could lead to more affective programming and better student outcomes.
  • IEP Representation
  • A unique opportunity to link your child/student's IEP goals and objectives w/mindful home programming thereby maximizing the potential of any public education programming.