"Who are you?" said the Caterpillar...
"I - I hardly know, Sir, just at present," Alice replied rather shyly, "at least I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have changed several times since then."
 Lewis Carroll
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


Career Counseling & Transitions

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Employment Counseling & Training

Individualized Independent Living & Case Management

Employment Related Stress, Anxiety & Depression


Paul-André maintains a transpersonal orientation (see About Paul-André for more) that allows him to assist clients in connecting with their higher purpose while embracing life-long learning and a process of becoming.  Paul-André honors the need of the individual learner to connect both intellectually and emotionally to their work and a deeper sense of vocation.  

He offers a continuum of career services not limited to specialized employment/job counseling and life/career transition.  His unique background allows him to offer individualized assessment and services for both children and adults with a wide variety of learning differences.  Comprehensive and individualized assessment examine ability, interest, personality, and values assisting clients in gaining knowledge of the kinds of work environments that are likely to be most satisfying.  Clients are supported and guided to examine career and educational options while navigating inevitable obstacles and challenges that arise.